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Partial Client List

Extraordinary Desserts
Restaurant, Bakery and Retail
"Chris does a fabulous job of keeping the financial side of the business organized and up to date. This allows me to stay focused on the creative side of the business."
-- Karen Krasne, Owner

AC Global Medical Transports
Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation Service
"Chris is a vital part of running our global business."
-- Joan Floribus, Co-Owner

Café Virtuoso
Certified Organic, Fair Trade coffee roaster, wholesaler and retailer.
"We know our books are in good hands and we are glad we had Chris with us during our business expansion."
-- Laurie Britton, CEO/Founder

The Roby Company
Real Estate and Insurance Brokerage
"Chris has been handling the books in four companies I founded along with my personal account since 1998. There is no way I would do this on my own. Chris is totally competent in Quick Books and makes my life much easier. If you own a business, leave the books to CC's Bookkeeping.".
-- Keith Roby, Owner

Sav-On Storage
Storage Unit Rental and Supplies
"Chris prepared reports in advance of several significant business transformations and impressed everybody involved, including our lawyers and CPA's."
-- Tony Luciani, Owner

Tag Line: SolidProfessor is the Leader in Enterprise, Classroom and individual CAD and BIM Education.

Placeholder for your Business
Business Sector
Chris wants to help you.
-- Your Name, Owner


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